> Most likely your router is configured to only forward connections that
> come from the outside.

As I said, it was only a test and I was hoping that by using the 
router's external hostname it would "simulate" an external connection, 
obviously it doesn't.

> Does it work to access 'postie' via ssh from some machine that is
> *actually* on the outside?  If it does, then it is the configuration of
> your router which is not doing what you want it to.

I don't have access to one until I get to work tomorrow which was why I 
was trying to simulate it - whilst I have the target machine in front of me.


This can be simulated at home by sshing into a host outside of your LAN (I used one of 
the hosts at my university) and then sshing back into your own machine. Maybe you can 
ssh into work and then back again ;) Or somewhere else outside your LAN..

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