Subhro wrote:

This happens when your world and kernel are out of sync. Remake the
world and the kernel and install them and try it out.'s odd that this should only happen with one module, though, right?

I always go through the full make mergemaster -p, buildworld, buildkernel,
installkernel, installworld, mergemaster cycle...I don't think I've recently
stopped mid-way.  I do frequently cvsup sources (just to observe changes),
and then not compile, but I don't think this should be an issue, unless the
nvidia driver compiles against sources in /usr/src.

I'm due for an update anyway, so I'll probably just go ahead and rebuild
everything and see what happens.

BTW if you want to unload it then delete the necessesary lines from /boot/loader.conf

Thanks for the tip -- I'll probably try this first, before rebuilding my system.

PS: Please be sure to include my email address in any reply, as I am not
subscribed to this list.

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