Adam Smith wrote:

On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 12:09:44PM +0400, Anton Kazak said:

? ????????? ?? 14 ???????? 2004 11:41 Adam Smith ???????:
Hello Adam!

I know this bug. Don't use 'make' in xtrerm, if you have Xorg. Use 'make' from text console (like CTRL-ALT-F2, or other). I don't know the reason of this future. Maybe solve lather.

Bizarre! I'll install Eterm or Aterm and see if the same problem exists with them but I didn't think that whether you did a make from within an xterm or a console tty it would have had such an impact.

Cheers for the pointer.


Sorry to butt in ... but did this help?

I couldn't help but think the issue here might be the fact
that when running xterm, X is running?   So, how would
using Eterm or Aterm help??

Kevin Kinsey
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