Is the FreeBSD Forums which your website links with active? Is it open to new members? Sorry to bother you if this is the wrong place to ask, but no one in the Forums area seems to be responding to mail or requests.

I have been attempting to install Versions 4.10 or 5.2.1 for the last 2 weeks. I had problems and attempted to get some help from this Forum site. First it required that I register. Then I received an email that I was to respond. Now it seems that the Moderator has to validate my existance!

If you want your support to grow, you better learn to foster new novices such as myself! I'm really not sure I want to converse with the "experts" within the forums! After reading several posts from individuals seeking help, it seems that your BSD experts are so full of themselves, they can't remember when they didn't know something!

WINTEL may have its problems, but I have never had this much trouble finding someone who could point me in the right direction when I have an issue. Maybe I'm just too stupid for such lofty exploits as attempting to install a FreeBSD system.


Gary Hayden [EMAIL PROTECTED] HM 281.265.2803 CEL 713.927.9338

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