Hello everyone,
  back in the days of 5.1.xxx my 3com CFM656B (That's not the exact model
number sorry but it's in my machine at home at the moment.) worked
beautifully. I had changed to the 5.1 branch of FreeBSD because finally I
could use something other than a ratty Linksys 10mbps pccard in my laptop.
  I cvsup'd religeously and the world built well (usually) and the kernels
kernelled and I was a righteous FreeBSD guru. But then.. 5.2.1 hit and my
3com netcard no longer functioned. I searched high and low for fixes,
answers cvsup every chance I had and never once did the card work again.
  Everything shows normal in the dmesg but the bus never resets and the system
can't get the station address. I checked interrupts and the card bus is
there sharing life with the pccard interface at irq 10.
  If I'm using 5.1 of the OS (which I reinstalled the other day because i'm
trying to get my new Linksys wifi card running) the 3com works and data
flows at a reasonable rate.
  Does anyone know of a fix for the cardbus since that's the only thing I can
find that seems like it's out of wack? same hardware works fine with 5.1 but
5.2> is toiletville.
  My 10mbps linksys card still works but it is a 16 bit pccard and nothing and
no cards that I have that are 32bit cardbus work at all.
  This is on a IBM Iseries thinkpad 1141. It's been my main work horse since I
bought it in 2000.
  Please help make a ratty old laptop useful again. I'll do what I can to
provide information to get this problem fixed. Since I see current is now
trying to breath life into FreeBSD-6.0 and I would hate to see this problem
  Thank you in advance for everything.


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