On 09/15/04 11:19 AM, Curtis Vaughan sat at the `puter and typed:
> I have a question about what exactly I should backup on my 5.3 FreeBSD 
> Server. So far I have chosen the following directories for full backup. 
>   But perhaps some is overkill.
> /etc
> /boot
> /home
> /var/log
> /usr/ports
> /root
> /usr/local
> /usr/src

As mentioned by other posters, you can probably omit /usr/local,
/usr/ports, and /usr/src, but of course you may want to include any
directories you make code changes in, particularly if you have a habit
of hacking the kernel.  I also make a point of saving any custom kernel
configs in /root/kernels, and softlinking them to /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/
so that when /root is backed up, the kernel config is too.

I still haven't found a reliable way to save my fvwm2 patch in the ports
directory (I changed the screen wraparound behavior) so I just keep that
one in my home directory.  That's pretty much the only port I've hacked,
so it works for now.

You might also want to back up /usr/local/etc if you skip /usr/local.
Many important ports will use this area for configs, and you won't want
to lose the weeks or months you spend tweaking these out either.

Good luck

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