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Hello all,

My PC is (or rather until Sunday, WAS) running 5.2.1#9. I edited the kernel to reflect my installed hardware and add support for the PF firewall and then did a CVSup for sources - keeping to 5.2.1. This isn't the first kernel edit and upgrade I've done but as far as I recall the only changes I made were the "pfi_hooks" (or something similar - for the PF firewall) and to disable the ata keyboard - I can use USB to a KVM switch.

Here's what happened . . .

# make buildworld - finished OK
# make kernel KERNCONF=EDEN - finished OK
* PC rebooted OK
# make installworld - failed with errors part way through.
* PC failed to reboot.  It gets part way through and then reboots.
.. . .
So, at the boot loader prompt:
OK unload
OK load /boot/kernel.save/kernel
OK boot kernel.save -s
.. . .
#mount -a
illegal instruction. Signal 4

Unloading the kernel and booting into single user mode seems to be OK and the PATH is correct.
No command except "cd" or "pwd" works, everything fails with "illegal instruction Signal 4"

e.g. "ls" or "df" or "mount -a" all fail with "illegal instruction Signal 4"

Any ideas please.

Thanks in anticipation,



Sounds like you complete enough of the make installworld to prove fatal.
When you backup and use your old kernel its got binaries of a new and old
make world. Sadly, only way I ever found to get around that was a full fresh
reinstall. If you have another machine you could possibly complete the
entire build process on it, boot up with the new kernel, and then run a
make installworld from the /usr/obj of the other machine. Just make sure to
specify the proper runtime compile options as the install will fail if you
compile for a specific arch that doesn't match.


I'll leave the PC until 5.Stable comes out then. I hadn't got past the stage of failing to get kde 3.3 to work under xorg in any case!

I don't know what went wrong in the build/upgrade process so I'd be suprised if it was something in the sources because I upgraded to 5.2.1#2 and then #9 both with custom kernels before making the most recent edits (and it all going wrong).

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