Happened to me once needed to set the the speed of the nic card in rc.conf can not remember how to do it but it is in the man rc.conf page and solved my similar problem. Looks something like this if i can recall

ifconfig_xl0="inet something about manually setting the speed and mode of the card "

for me it had to do with the card not negotiating it parameters properly and i had to beat it into submission with manual overrides. glanced through the rc.conf man page but it is to long for me deal with right now the setting are in there somewhere.

This seems highly unlikely, since the same hardware is being used for the fast case:

Fast   dsl line -- NIC -- FreeBSD -- NIC -- 10MB ethernet -- NIC -- NT

Slow                      FreeBSD -- NIC -- 10MB ethernet -- NIC -- NT

Is this similar to the case you experienced, or was your network
connection to the outside world via a different nic interface?


Gary Aitken wrote:

I'm seeing some weird network performance I don't understand.

If I sit at an NT box and using a web browser, go through my fbsd 4.10
firewall to someplace out in the world through a slow dsl connection,
I get download speeds of 20KB - 45KB/sec, pretty much the max my DSL
connection can deliver.

The nt box is connected to the fbsd box over a 10Mb/sec full duplex
crossover cable for test purposes.

If I ftp (shell window) or use a browser to ftp from the fbsd box
itself, I see a max speed of something like 8KB/sec.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, given the relative speeds of the
network connections, which I would have thought was the limiting

The fbsd box is a p200, 128M, single 7200rpm 9.4ms seagate ultra scsi
drive, 10MB/sec negotiated xfr rate.  Data used for testing was ~8MB
file in /var partition, don't know how badly fragmented.

Is passing packets through the firewall and ipfw rules that much
faster than an ftp access?

Ideas for where to look for what's slowing things down?

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