On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 11:54:40AM -0700, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> So, I just installed bandwidthd on FreeBSD 5.3-Beta. I don't have 
> Apache installed on this system, however, and maybe that's why I can't 
> access the web page for this from another computer. I was thinking that 
> it maybe provided it's own web engine as I would like to avoid 
> installing apache on this system. Nonetheless, if I go to 
> /usr/local/bandwidthd/htdocs and use lynx to view the html pages there, 
> then I see bandwidthd is working and collecting information as it 
> should.
>  So, what is it that I'm missing to get these pages served internal to 
> our LAN?
> Curtis

You will need a web server of some sort on that machine if you expect to
have remote users view bandwidthd's output in a browser.  Of course you
could view the document with a browser on the local machine.  Or perhaps
run bandwidthd and then copy the output file to another machine that can
server it.

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