I have two questions for the list.

I am looking to make a RAID MIRROR using my built in HPT374 raid
controller on my ABIT AT7-MAX motherboard. I will be installing the OS,

I realize I should use separate drives. I will when I have the money.

So my questions are:

one is there anything special I should keep in mind (like drivers that
support this chip and so on) and two when I was creating the array in the
BIOS utility it asked what block size I would like to use.

I know what a block size is but I don't know what the benefits and
drawbacks are to larger vs. smaller block sizes.

On a normal desktop I would always say go for the smallest block size.
FAT16 or FAT32 I would choose FAT32 as it allows for smaller blocks sizes
and other benefits. I realize this is not a discussion on Partition types
but I was using it as an example.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis
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