"Andrew" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Good day to everyone!
> I want to arrange a file archive on my FreeBSD box so that windows users
> can access it via LAN (100Mbit). It'll be over 100Gb, mp3 and divx
> mostly. Throttling is imperative, it must be designed so that clients
> can listen to music and watch movies directly, without downloading them.
> There are only 10 LAN users, so I expect 5-8 simultaneous connections.
> I wonder, what do you think is the best solution for this - samba, http,
> ftp or something else?

Samba is probably going to provide the easiest use, assuming all your
clients are running Windows (you didn't mention).  If they're mixed
OS, you may do better with something like FTP or HTTP, as it's more
portable/standardized.  Although Mac and Linux talk to Samba servers
very nicely these days.

> I don't want users to install additional software
> on their computers, but I'm ready to consider it if it's worth the
> worries.
> If ftp is the best, what is the best server? Ftpd?

If you're setting up anon-only FTP access, then just about any FTP
server will do.  I'd just use the one that ships with FreeBSD.  If
it's going to be more complex, something like proftpd has support
for virtual users, and authenticating out of a MySQL database.

> Another point - how to configure the filesystem so that it suits the
> purpose best? It's just my imagination - but I want it to cache
> everything insanely, to be very fast in responses and to spare the hard
> drive (as the latter is going to be a simple ATA drive, Maxtor, Seagate
> or Hitachi, which are inclined to deadly failures under heavy loads).

Just install it and give the system as much RAM as you can afford.
FreeBSD will cache as much data as possible by default.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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