Has anybody setup the combination of Courier IMAP, MySQL, Postfix and Courier Maildrop and managed to get it to work?

I am so close I could just scream, but I can not get any of the Courier components to work!

I get postfix to query my MySQL database just fine so it will accept recipient mail. However, when I try to get courier maildrop to deliver the mail I get:

fuggle# maildrop -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Invalid user specified.

There is no record of it querying the database even though I know I have the maildropmysql.config setup correctly (tabs, no spaces .... etc). As a matter of fact, it doesn't seem to matter what is in the file and just touching it results in the same thing!

I am having the same problem with Courier IMAP, it doesn't seem to read the database either and I have setup authmysqlrc appropriately as well and placed authmysql at the front of the authmodulelist.

Does anybody have any ideas what I should look for to solve this problem? It is truly maddening.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Veldhouse

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