In the handbook it says that, in cases where you have freebsd on the second disk and windows on the first, that you have to install the freebsd boot manager on both disks. I discovered this after I had installed freebsd. I am currently trying to install the freebsd boot manager on my first disk by following the instructions here:

The instructions say:
"Other operating systems, in particular Windows® 95, have been known to overwrite an existing MBR with their own. If this happens to you, or you want to replace your existing MBR with the FreeBSD MBR then use the following command:

# fdisk -B -b /boot/boot0 device

Where device is the device that you boot from . . ."

When I run this command, it asks me if I want to write a new boot block and then it asks me if I want to write a new partition table (We finally arrive at my question) Won't writing a partition table on my windows disk destroy the data on that disk? I tried saying no to writing a partition table but I still cannot boot both OS's from the first disk.

Thanks for your time and knowledge folks.


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