Your taking it the wrong way, I was simply asking a question to the
developers to confirm this.

I have standardized on FreeBSD.

I apologized if I made it seem like I was trolling, not my intention.

If a business were to standardize on FreeBSD, they would love to know if the
multithreading issues would be fixed completely correctly not just

Well, fair enough but it still comes down to if you have a other OS which does what you need than use that OS.
But perhaps you require the BSD license for you biz?
Actually I'm not very knowledged (far from) about design and multithread issues however from what I read is that mulitple CPU's is a real pain and the one who managed it the best is SUN (only read that - not sure about it), but there working 10 years on this issues and get paid for it. So what can you filter out of this?
If you need your idea of multithreading, then let it develop and give it to the BSD community, otherwise use/buy an other OS.

That multithreading issue is indeed a touchy point because it is so open for other interpretation, which one group sees a fine solution is for the other a low-profile dirty hack. Some hang more over to a clean design and other like designs but prefer something working.
DragonFly has indeed taken a different approach about solving this issue, however which OS will provide the best solution will be proven over time.

So IMHO your original question is not trolling but you simply ask it a couple of years to early :-)

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