On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 09:05:11PM +0800, John Lee wrote:

> How do i retrieve last login details for JUN-2004
> as I can only see SEP-04 now..
> last | grep user --> only shows SEP i guess
> How can i get JUNE?

Look at the saved copies of wtmp under /var/log.  Hmmm... By default
newsyslog(1) is setup to keep 4 old copies of the wtmp file around,
and to switch to a new file at the start of every month, so you should

    wtmp       September (ie. this month)
    wtmp.0     August
    wtmp.1     July
    wtmp.2     June
    wtmp.3     May

still on your system.  (Any earlier than May and you'ld have had to
retrieve the appropriate wtmp file from backup)

So, try:

    last -f /var/log/wtmp.2 user



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