Tom Connolly wrote:

My Sync/Refresh rates are consistent with my monitor documentation but
offhand, I'm not sure what they are. I will check when I get on my box.

I found out last night (celebrating one year of FBSD on the desktop) that I could gain a higher resolution by increasing those numbers. YMMV, and there are some warnings that probably have merit, or they wouldn't be warning us, right? <include #disclaimer.h>

Here's what I did.

1. Save/close everthing on the "desktop".
2. Switch to console on ttyv1, edit Xf86config, raising top of sync/refresh ranges.
3. kill -HUP {pid of Xfree86} ... system would send me to ttyv0 (GUI).
4. If monitor complains "out of range", switch to ttyv1 again...
5. edit Xf86config, *lowering* sync/refresh ranges.
6. Back to step #3....

After several "loops", I got a display back on ttyv0, and logged in
to GNOME (environment of choice), which now allows me to choose
at least 1280x1024 ... quid pro quo:  I chose a higher res [1600x1200]
in GNOME, once since then, and had to salvage the session on ttyv1
'cause GNOME didn't reset things automagically...fortunately no big
files unsaved there....

YMMV, of course.

Kevin Kinsey
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