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> After I started my x-windows, there is just a mesh-like stuff on the
> screen.And it will also displays several terminals.However, I can't
> see start menu and anything else. I installed my BSD under
> Vmware.And my displayer adapter is Mobility Radeon 7500.My laptop is
> IBM T40.I want to know is this because of the driver of the display
> adapter or anything else. How to solve this problem.

Congratulations.  You've got the X server running, which is most of
the battle.

What you need to do now is install a window manager or a desktop
environment, which will give you all of the icons and menus and stuff
you expect.  See http://www.xwinman.org/ for a site that reviews most
of the available ones: pretty much all of them should be available
from ports -- just install the one you want, and follow the
instructions in the documentation for getting it to start up
automatically when you start up an X session.



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