I have a problem with FreeBSD instalation. I tried 5.3BETA5 5.2.1 and 4.9 all with the same result.
When sysinstall starts i choose custom and proceed to creating the slice and partitions(only one slice and one partion plus swap). I tried two ways.
I go to Partition, create the slice on the entire hard drive press q and choose BootMgr.
Then i go to label and create my partion and swap.
(in both these steps i dont write changes)
I choose my distributions and them commit.
When i press commit the computer instantly reboots without anything beeing done. After restart i see the slice and partitions but i cant install as get errors.

The second way is to write changes when i make the slice and partitions.
When making the slice there are no problems. I create it press w and get the message "Wrote FDISK partition information out succesfully."
Then i go to label and create the partion and swap.
When i press w i get the message "WARNING! Unable to swap to /dev/ad0s1b: Device not configured. This may couse the instalation to fail at some point if you dont have a lot of memory" and then "Unable to make new root filesystem on /dev/ad0s1a! Command returned status 1"

The computer is a AMD k6-2/350 Mhz, the hard drive is a Fujitsu mpb3021atu (2G), 64M RAM

Any ideas?

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