> Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > By the way, I notice that in the FAQ on moving to a "huge disk"
> > it uses the 'x' switch on the restore and I think it is more
> > appropriate to use 'r'.    So,  'restore rf -'  as I indicate in
> > my post instead of   'restore xf -' as in the faq.  
> > Actually, it might work either way, but I think 'r' is more correct.
> It will, indeed, work either way, but the "r" flag will do a newfs.
> Because the example had already done a newfs, this is redundant (and
> wipees out any special parameters you may have used in the original
> newfs invocation).

Hmmm.   I have restored lots of dumps using the 'r' switch and never
saw it do a newfs.  In fact the man page for restore tells you to
make sure it is pristine by doing a newfs before the restore.

Actually, I do restore -r into directories that are not even the 
root of a file system and had no problem or seen any newfs occur. 
 -- I do that when merging one system to another and don't want to
deal with naming all the files on the restore.

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