John DeStefano wrote:
I'm trying to get my ATI Radeon 9000 64mb AGP video card to oplay nice
with with Xorg on FreeBSD5.3beta2.  Since I've already asked for help,
I won't pollute the list yet again with details, as they can be found
at the BSD Forums:
In a nutshell, no matter what config tool I use, or what settings I
come up with, when I startx I get a blue and green garbled screen out
from which I can't exit.

I've been fighting with this for weeks now and I'm at the end of my
rope.  A few people have had some ideas, which I've tried with little
result.  As I'm on the cusp of deciding to reformat the whole $#@&%
thing and start over after a multitude of struggling (with other
components as well), I'm open to any and all ideas.

Have you tried it without dri and glx? I had a similar problem with my laptop integrated intel video and xorg running Gentoo Linux. It turns out that my particular card is very poorly supported by the latest xorg (6.8.0) but worked with 6.7.0. Now it still works but only if I don't allow those two modules to load, even though 'X -configure' detected the capability. By commenting out dri and glx from xorg.conf I've been able to use it, albeit without 3d acceleration.

In any event, pretty simple thing to try. Post back whether it works or not.


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