On 09/22/04 01:25 PM, Bart??omiej Rutkowski sat at the `puter and typed:
> HI,
> Yesterday, I was asking about chance to submit some gfx work, and to
> get is 'official' in some way. Today I want to submit one of that
> work, a wallpaper for incoming freebsd 5.3 disto.SO, heres the url:
> http://zeik.wns.amu.edu.pl/~r/freebsd53.png
> Is it good enough? If not, and if it may be in your opinion, please
> give any word on anything I should adjust.  Of course I can submit
> that in variety of resolutions and formats.
> Best regars, r.
> PS. This little sign in low left corner will dissappear if you wish,
> it is just my 'trademark'.

Very cool.  Makes me wanna run right out and load up 5.3 :)

I don't think the signature is too imposing, but someone else might
feel differently.  Regardless, the BSD community is very good about
giving credit where due.

One question:  What tool(s) did you use?  The flame detail around the
daemon (can't remember his name . . .) is excellent.  I'd like to see
that part made into an icon for a webpage too . . .

Good work.
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