> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 02:23:17PM -0400, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> : Do you mean that ad0s1 is not in /dev?  That would be the slice.
> : Or do you mean no ad0s1g - which would be the partition inside the slice?
> It's the partition that I mean, then.
> : Also, careful of your use of the word mounted.   Nothing should
> : be mounted on /dev/ad0s1g or there would be problems.   But
> : what you want is the partition at /dev/ad0s1g and you want to
> : mount that on some mount point such as /mnt or maybe /oldusr if
> : you can make that dir.
> Oops, that's what I meant.  I need to mount /dev/ad0s1g to /mnt or whatever
> mountpoint I will use.
> : How sure are you that your old /usr was in partition /dev/ad0s1g?
> : Is it possible you are looking in the wrong place?
> That's what I see when I 'cat /mnt/etc/fstab' with my old drive / mounted on
> /mnt.
> : I have not had to use the fixit disks so I am not sure of what all
> : is included, but I would be surprised if there is no MAKEDEV script 
> : if it is for FreeBSD 4.xxx or older version.   In 4.xxx and earlier, 
> : the MAKEDEV script is in /dev.  You need to cd to /dev and then 
> : run  './MAKEDEV ad0'.    NOTE, the './' is necessary because MAKEDEV
> : will not be in your path.
> I'll look again, but I only saw a few devices listed, and no script.
> : Try doing
> : 
> :   cd /
> :   mount /dev/ad0s1g /mnt
> :   cd /mnt
> :   ls
> I'll try tonight, but I think it complains that ad0s1g doesn't exist.

OK.  Have you noticed the frequent mentions of the difference
between 4.xxx FreeBSD and 5.xxx FreeBSD.  It is completely different.
Which are you attempting to use?


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