Michael Wichmann wrote:

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question about this little thing, that bugs me from time to time:) Num-lock ist turned off by default after I boot up FreeBSD 5.2.1. Is there any way to enable it by default?


There's a nifty little package in ports called "numlockx" (/usr/ports/x11/numlockx) that worked for me in blackbox/ fluxbox, xfce, and enlightenment, but doesn't seem to work with GNOME, or at least the way I'm calling GNOME now (gdm on ttyv0). I need to get annoyed enough to figure out why, I guess.

I just installed it and put "numlockx" in ~/.xinitrc, before
the lines starting the window manager ... or much of anything
else.  Like I said, it worked as long as I was calling "startx";
I guess now that gdm is starting GNOME for me, I need to find
another place to call it from...

Kevin Kinsey
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