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On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 06:14:40PM -0700, Henrik W Lund wrote:

Greetings, list!

I've been reading about a "fixit floppy" that is supposed to exist somewhere, and a "fixit CD" too, but I can't for the life me find out anything more about them. Googling yields tons of references to "inserting the fixit floppy/CD", but none as to how one goes about making them!

These certainly do exist -- generally you'ld just download some disk images and either copy them to floppy, or burn them to CD Rom:

The fixit floppy can be found at eg.

depending on the architecture and FreeBSD version you want. (Floppy
images don't exist for all architecures).  You can also find the
floppy images in the /floppies directory of the Disk 1 iso-image,
which is handy if you run into a CD drive you can't boot from.

Similarly the ISO images you need are in eg.:

Mutatis mutandis wrt. version numbers and architectures again.  You
want the disk2.iso, which is a standalone bootable image with a live
file system on it.

If you want to create your own versions of these things from source,
you need a local copy of the FreeBSD source CVS repository, and you
can use the 'make release' command -- see /usr/src/release/Makefile
and other files under directory.  That's not something for the faint
of heart though.



Thanks! Another one of the FreeBSD mysteries unveiled. Hell, I'll be committing in no time!! (errr... or?) ;-)

-Henrik W Lund
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