I'm working on writing the "Control Panel" scripts which subscribers to our ISP will use to set up their eMail accounts and web space.

Here's the Server spec:

Perl 5.6.1, no problem installing any needed modules;
Apache 2;
I'm keeping ordinary customers off the machine, so I run Postfix and Cyus and use sasl2 for customer passwords. I'd like to use these ID to arrange access to the control panel system.

I'm stuck at the very start of my design process. I have two tasks to do:

Verify that users have supplied the correct password; and let the perl scripts know who that visitor is, so that we can select the correct accounts to show.

Do I use SASL directly? or LDAP? or do I implement an Apache module to handle access and let Apache do the work?

I want to do "The right thing" - that is, the most general and correct thing possible, I've got years of experience in perl scripting, but at the moment I wandering around in a twisty litte maze of standards, all different.

Clue, please?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Andy Holyer, Systems Administrator
Hedgehog Broadband, 11 Marlborough Place Brighton BN1 1UB
08451 260895 x 241

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