Graham Bentley wrote:
Hi All,

When I was about to install the new drive which was sitting on top of
the system box I tilted the box to move the disc access LED lead onto
the SCSI card. My nice new SCSI disc slid off and hit the MDF worktop
- Agh !

I reckon the drop height was about 14" ~ do you think this would have
 exceed the G Force limit and invalidated my warranty / casued any
damage ?

The reason for asking is that I never really got up close and
personal with a SCSI disc before and it does make some odd noises?

Currently there is a frequent one every so often - its two
freequencies that last about a second or two each.

What model is it? A 36LZX or 73LZX? If so they do make an awful screeching noise. When I got mine (off eBay) I thought the bearings were on their way out, but searching Hitachi's website (Hitachi now own IBM's HD division) threw up this

Mine makes this noise a lot more frequently than once per minute that they state and it's extremely annoying. My Seagate OTOH is almost silent except when it's doing some serious thrashing.


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