Yep, mine makes that 2 tone screech noise
much more frequently than i woudl like !!!

Its an IC35L

The site has a nice util called the drive
fitness test :-

Fits on a floppy and tests your SCSI drive. 
I did this because my supplier told me to ;
I was complaining about the noise :)

They said - run this thoro - if it doesnt throw up
any errors - your fine !

They also put this :-

(FYI, you'll normally find ~1% of a disk is actually dead 
from the factory, but that there's actually 109% of the 
available disk space there. Over time, the drive will invisibly 
map bad sectors to unalocated ones (called spanning sectors).  
when you run out of spanning sectors, (ie, its spanned out) 
THEN it's time for a new one, as that's normally the point at 
which the drive packs up)

Anyways, mine seems to have survived
the minor drop without any probs :)

Crazy to think ~ VLSI has come so far yet
we are all so dependant on spinning discs
motors and magnets :)

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