Carlos A. Carnero Delgado wrote:

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:25:47 +0100, Peter Risdon

Carlos A. Carnero Delgado wrote:

I have a little program , linux native, that I've managed to run
thanks to the Linux compat layer. However, this program opens
the serial port ttyS1, which doesn't exist as such in 5.2.1.

The question is this: how do I make this program to open the
serial port? (FYI, the device it should open is a random number

This is a complete guess, but I'm curious whether it would work:

You can make links in the /dev directory to existing devices by using
entries in /etc/devfs.conf, so in this case you could add a line like:

link    cuaa1   ttyS1

This works fine with FreeBSD native applications, so I use links like
this for my old serial port palm base, and for a cdrom link. Whether
it would work with Linux compatibility stuff, I don't know. But, as I
said, I'd be interested to find out.

Perfect, that worked out OK. However, I'm getting this every second in
the system log:

  kernel: sio1: 960 more tty-level buffer overflows (total 126252)

Have any idea about this?

You might get more informed responses from others. I remember seeing these errors frequently on oldish machines using serial port terminal adapters and modems, but haven't used one of those for ages and don't remember the fix (there was one). Googling for the error gives:

Which suggests that *data is coming in faster than your
program can interpret it.  There isn't much you can do about this other
than try quitting some programs.*

I can add that this was never fatal, just filled up the first console screen and /var/log/messages.



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