It was said:

>I have had a crash on my computer I try to install McAfee Internet =
>Security 6.0 I keep getting this error message. The Wizard was
>interrupted before 6.o could be completely installed. It say new
>program =
>when I check McAfee it says it is empty. Will installing this=20
>help this  problem. I don't know much about computers but I am trying
>to =
>follow all the directions from McAfee support but there instructions
>are =
>just not working.
>Kind Regards Chris


Just to be clear, you are trying to install a Windows program on to a
FreeBSD 5.2.1 system. Is that correct? If it is, this is not going to
work. Look on the side of the box under System Requirements to see
which operatings systems the software is designed for.
If you are trying to install a Windows program on Windows, you need to
contact your software vendor ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) for assistance.



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