> I may be misunderstanding what you are saying here, but master.passwd
> on the slave servers should never get "updated" with NIS information.
> That line that goes at the end tells the authentication process to
> look to NIS for further information...same goes with the line that
> goes in the group file.  To test that NIS is working correctly, try
> using ypcat on a client/slave server to see if it can pull the maps
> from the primary server.  If that doesn't work, I may be able to shed
> some other light on your problem.  (as usual, just include any error
> messages)

ypcat 'works' in the sense that it displays information, but the
information it displays is old, and not synchronous with the master
server.  This is only the case for master.passwd, however.  ypcat
passwd shows the correct information (thus things that use passwd
rather than master.passwd; ie finger work fine).  Because of this,
there really is no error message to include.

Hope that is more specific, and I appreciate your assistance.

(sorry, Brian if you get this twice.  I didn't realize there was no
Reply-to to redirect my message to the list)


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