On 11 Oct Christian Hiris wrote:
> The easiest solution is to assign a free ip-address of your localnet
> (192.168.11.nnn) to your win-guest. Try to avoid a setup of two
> subnets on one physical NIC.  
> As /dev/vmnet1 acts as bridge it's ip-address isn't relevant. There is
> only the requirement that it's ip-address should not conflict with any
> already 'in-use' ip-address on your network.

The above information says it all, I guess. I was confused, because the
vmware3 ports speaks of no support for bridging. This must be some other
kind of bridging ;-) As you tell me, this is a normal story and I don't
expect to have difficulties with it.

My next question is irrelevant too, I guess. If I give my vm-winbox a
'normal' local IP there is no need for the freebsd machine to act as
gateway (away with it from rc.conf) and I also don't need ipnat. The
normal firewall rules will do.

If I'm wrong I like to hear it. That's why I'll leave the quetion

> > -did I get the ipnat rules correct?
> If you decide to use a ip-address in your localnet ip-range, just
> duplicate the host-specfic rules and change the host-ip(
> to your win-guest-ip (192.168.11.nnn) in theese rules. You maybe want
> to do some extra-blocking of unwanted win-specific traffic. I only use
> ipfw, so I'm not the one that can answer your ipnat question in
> detail.

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