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>> 1. By Sep 2005, do you think 5.x performance will be optimized and be 
>> comparable to today's 4.x stable versions ?

>5.3 is supposed to be stable, and it's expected to be on part with 4.x
performance, and it's supposed to release before the end of the month.

>>From what I've seen and heard, it looks like all that is going to

>> 2. By Sep 2005, do you think 5.x will be as stable as today's 4.x 
>> released versions ?

I hope you're not betting your business on these questions, because
the reality is that 1) they're not very good questions and 2) the people
who are answering them can't really know the answers. "stable" requires
time, and since 5.2.1 and 5.3 are substantially different, I can't see how
one can predict the level of stability a year from now. 

You also didnt mention what your "project" is, so how can you expect
anyone to comment on performance or stability? If you're developing a
CD duplicator the answer is likely much different than if you are developing
a networking product.

If you can, do it on 4.x and move it to 5.x when you determine that it meets
your needs. Don't bet the farm on the hopes and expectations of others.
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