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Hi there,

I'm going to develop software for the FreeBSD project.

How do I get listed on the official FreeBSD page as developer
and is it possible to get a mail alias like [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I am not sure what kind of development you are expecting to do. Are you developing some separate product of your own which will run on FreeBSD? Or do you hope to make changes to the project itself?

In the first case, you might be able to be listed under the web
pages for "Vendors" (software) on  I suspect
it will depend on what kind of software you develop.  Generally
you do not get an email account for that.

In the second case, you write up changes, and send them in as
PR's.  Once you start doing enough of these, some FreeBSD
committer will notice and will see about "mentoring" you as a
new committer to the project.  It can sometimes be tricky to
get the attention of some developer, depending on what parts
of the system you want ot work on.  If you get to be a committer,
then you would get an account on

In both cases, we'd want to see some *working* product or some
written-and-working patches.  So, you have to write the code
first, and then worry about getting listed as a developer (or
as a committer) after we see the result.

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