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pkgdb -F is asking me a question I don't understand. 
What should I do here? 

=== [EMAIL PROTECTED] /root/supfiles 24 -> # pkgdb -F
--->  Checking the package registry database
Stale origin: 'devel/autoconf257': perhaps moved or obsoleted.
-> The port 'devel/autoconf257' was removed on 2004-07-01 because:
        "autotools cleanup"
-> Hint:  autoconf-2.57_1 is required by the following package(s):
-> Hint: checking for overwritten files...
 -> No files installed by autoconf-2.57_1 have been overwritten by other
Deinstall autoconf-2.57_1 ? [no]

This is a fresh installation of 4.10-REL immediately 
following a cvsup. Thanks. 

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