> Thanks for answering Parv.
> I have a Phedora Core 2 system where latex2html works fine.
> It uses netpbm-9.24 not netpbm-10.24 as FreeBSD does.
> So... forced FreeBSD to uninstall netpbm-10.24, and
> then downloaded and compiled netpbm-9.24.
> It is a little tricky because netpbm does not supports
> FreeBSD, so I took "openbsd" option and changed the
> Makefile.config to fulfill FreeBSD requirements.
> Once it was installed, latex2html worked fine.
> Now, I do not know what to think.
> Either,  latex2html is trying to use options that
> do not work with netpbm-10.24, or netpbm-10.24 does
> not work properly.


it seems that latex2html requieres an option.
if I include the option:  -notransparent
html2ltex works fine with netpbm-10.24.

nevertheless, it displays the formulae with
gray background. They look horrible.

> I think this deserves a report.
> Thanks for your help.
>       Eduardo.

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