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On Monday 11 October 2004 21:04, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> On 11 Oct Christian Hiris wrote:
> > In the Ethernet Adapters configuration dialog select
> >    Connection Type:  --> Custom
> >    Vmnet:            --> /dev/vmnet1
> In your next message you explain about the support for ¨bridge¨ on
> freebsd. However, I don´t have vmware3 setup like this. I chose HostOnly
> and all is working perfectly now. Only needed to change the local IP of
> the virtual machine.
> Is there an advantage on Connection Type --> Custom over the Connection
> Type --> HostOnly ??
> As said, the latter workt flawlessly.

AFAIK the interface type hostonly is hardwired to /dev/vmnet1. As long as you 
connect only one virtual machine this should work fine, too. If you want 
connect multiple virt. machines to your network, bridged mode + Custom 
+ /dev/vmnetN setup is the easier way to go. The doc 
MultipleInstances.FreeBSD decribes bridged/non-bridged vmware setups in 
detail. If you connect only one virtual machine, i see no 

I had some troubles w/ hostonly setup in the past. That's the reason why I 
prefer to advice use of the custom interface type. But - there was a large 
improvement on the vmnet code during the last months, so things might work 
fine for both interface types.

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