I love FreeBSD and I'm trying really hard to move over to it from
Windows completely. There are three main issues, all of them having to
do with the Internet, and two of which have to do with FreeBSD itself.

1) My pcm352 keeps dropping packets when I try to ping. I can't tell
why. It doesn't drop packets in Windows. Anyone?

2) My card is finnicky. I can boot with the card in and pccardd will
detect it but then... I don't know. It will start /etc/pccard_ether
and that will run dhclient but I seem to get nothing. If I kill
dhclient, remove the card, and re-insert it, it's fine. Sometimes, if
I comment out the dhclient call in rc.network, it's fine without
touching it. This is my workaround for now, that and
removing/reinserting. Anyone have any ideas?


PS -- Please CC me your replies, as I'm not subscribed to this list.
Thank you ever so much.

Josh Ockert
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