I just upgraded from FreeBSD 4.10 and installed FreBSD 5.2.1.
 I am trying to recreate the bootable cdrom I used to have only
with 5.2.1 and am having little luck.  

   I used to use vnconfig so I replaced with mdconfig, I used to
use disklable and replaced with bsdlabel.  The old instructions
I used were here ->

     I replaced using gzip with kgzip.

   I have gotton the cd to actually boot and then it says
decompressing kernel, the kernel gets decompressed and then it
just stops.

    On one line it has

/kernel.kgz text=0x165d data=0xec386=0x10506

    The next line has 


    And it just sits there and does nothing.  

    It just stops.  Do I need to replace CD9660_ROOT with
something else in the kernel or somewhere else ( boot -C is used
now)?  Do I need to tell the kernel something else?  

    My old 4.10 cd still boots fine, but its a little out of

    I have looked at cdroot and it looks like it is still
designed for 4.x series.  

    I dont want to use Fresbie, because I don't need all that on
my router / firewall. I also don't see any reason to use
picobsd, when I can get 4.10 working.  

    Any ideas?



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