Nils Ivanson skrev:
Hi im sorry if this gets a duplicate:

I just wanted to declare that im using the following
- d-link dsl-300g II
- (FreeBSD 5.3 beta)
- Glocalnet is my ISP

I have a huge problem getting on the internet on FreeBSD... When i'm
trying to install and i need to get an IP from my ADSL-modem it says
that the submask is incorrect... This is the same values as i get

i havn't succeded to configure my modem to let me use static ip on the
computer (i'm using my public ip)...

What do you mean with static ip? 192.168.* or 10.*

But somehow, in the configuration
of the modem it seems to me that the submask IS correct... The submask
in the modem is but the submask i get by the DHCP server

ifconfig "nic" subnet ff.ff.ff.0

in the modem is Linux (the tool dhcpcd) accepts this,
same do windows (xp is the only i have tried), BUT FreeBSD-setup dont
accept this submask.

Please help me to get this to work.

// Nils, Sweden

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