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> i want some apache NameVirtualHost behind a Paketfilter based on ipf, placed 
> in two subnets. This router has two Cards one in the private net, one in the 
> public. So far i just forward port 80 and 443 into my private net 
>, but every request ends up on apaches rootlevel, NameVirtualHost 
> directive is useless. So, how to forward http(s):// requests through the 
> Paketfilter matching the right VirtualHost? Maybe i've thought in a wrong 
> direction, so far. Just some little hints should be enough.

I can't be 100% sure because I haven't done this kind of thing myself, 
but I don't see why port forwarding should interfere with Apache's 
name-based virtual hosting. After all, they operate on different layers 
of the OSI model: port forwarding is purely TCP business while 
VirtualHosts are HTTP. 

I can tell you, though, that name-based virtual hosting can't be used 
with https. IIRC this is written in the FAQ on the mod_ssl webpage.

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