Sandy Keathley wrote:
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Have the virtusertable rewrite the addr into a local alias, and have the local alias point to multiple external addresses.

That sounds like what I need, but I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean an alias that is then picked up by the "aliases" file for forwarding?

Yes, you have virtusertable point the message to an alias on the local machine. Email to that specific address gets accepted and delivered locally. As part of local delivery, alias expansion will occur, resending the message to all of the external addresses listed in the alias.

Per se, that's not using "forwarding" in the specific sense of creating a local user account and a .forward file, but you could solve the problem in that fashion if you really want to.

[ Likewise, using a mailing list to expand an email send to one address to a whole list of people is not "using forwarding" exactly, either, but mailing lists can be used to solve the problem you were asking about quite well. ]


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