I just recieved an error in my logs..or a truck load actually, that
says that I ran out of inodes in my /var partition.  What command can
I use to determin the munber of inodes the partition was created with
per 4k or whatever it is?

Also can someone lead me to a site or give me some advice on how I
would reformat this partition?  My logic thus far tells me to copy the
existing partion over to another partition and then reformat the
partition, then newfs using the proper switch to give me more than
enough inodes, which I will figure out after I anwser the first
question that I have.  Actually, maybe I do not have to reformat....do
I?  How does one reformat in FreeBSD?  It is format in solaris....so
it probably not the command ;)
TIA  for the help.
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