Personally, I think the FreeBSD install is incredibly simple. It really could not be easier, but if you want one that is, try DragonFlyBSD. The install of that is very, very simple, but you may run into issues with certain software packages.


On Oct 12, 2004, at 5:45 PM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

Dear Friends : I'm a Linux user since 1,999 and I'm really interested in
start FreeBSD. OK, it's a new system, different versions and so on. My
experience with computers started with Basic, after MS-DOS, Windows and
Linux. When I tried Linux, 5 years-ago, partitions, kde, window maker
and many of them, were only words. My first fear, was erase my HD. I did
it many times, but I knew how to start again or recover. I'm writing
these things, cause in these years using Linux, I saw a big evolution ,
specially the installer. Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora, Slackware and
another, made a goob job and you can do it , almost without problems.
But, when I tried FreeBSD installer, I remembered Debian, the worst
installer ! Probably another distributions, like Knoppix, Kurumin ,
Gnoppix to name a few, trying to make the life user easiest ! My first
experience with FreeBSD, was 5.0, with a PC Master, brazilian magazine.
After many tries, a XFree86 error, when I typed startx, disappointed me
again and, I forgot it... On the last month, I downloaded the 2 CDs,
5.2.1, and, the same installer, errors, infinite loops... very
disappointing ! I tried many lists, and with some support,to resolve or
not, the problems. Again, I format my system and, here I am, with
Windows (mainly for games and a problematic usb scanner) and Linux. I
need a more stable system. Many people talked me very good about
FreeBSD. For me, until now , the biggest deception ! Please, I don't
know the FreeBSD objectives, but if you would like that more and more
people can use it, CHANGE this installer. Confuse , in one word !
Disappointing ! I tried standard, express, custom , all packages,
minimum, all kind of ways... I can't understand a looped install. Almost
2 hours after, an error... My video card is recognized , but when you
did post-install, not ! You tried many XFrre86 configs and not.... When
something happens and finally you can start KDE or GNOME or another,
DHCP don't run and so on. Please change this installer and trying to
better hardware and network configuration ! Until this, I'll never tried
FreeBSD again ! Sincerely, Newton - Curitiba - Brazil

The nice thing about the installer is that it works. Too bad you will be cutting yourself off from a good system because you will not take the time to learn it. You miss so much in life.


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