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Top posting is generally frowned-upon.  People who indulge in it are
shown to be Microsoft Outlook users, because that is the default of

Mac OSX's Mail does the same thing...

If moving the cursor is that difficult, you're probably using the wrong tool.

It is correct for the cursor to be placed at the top when forming a reply because that is where one is supposed to start EDITING. The primary flaw of the top-posting disease is that top-posters don't bother to read the entire message which they are re-sending. Had a sane person actually read all the bulk in their own reply one would not re-send it under their own name. If its not worth being read then why send it again?

Things would not be any better if the cursor were placed at the bottom and top-posters started typing there without trimming the quoted bulk. If the cursor were at the bottom one would have to scroll to the top to start trimming.

Trimming is a matter of courtesy to the reader and respect for the mail list host. Sadly, trimming skills are lacking among top-posters.

In MacOS X's Mail.app all one has to do is hit the "end" key and click the mouse wherever one wishes to type. Or wherever one wishes to start trimming.

Even better yet just click-drag highlight the section one wishes to reply to, press Apple-R or click a Reply button, and only that highlighted section is quote-pasted into the reply. Makes it practical to reply to a message in a digest.

When I work for free, others who desire my services will honor my format demand or be ignored.
Top-posters will not be shown the honor of a reply.

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