etherboot version: 5.2.4


The instructions for creating bootup floppy for
diskless PCs in ports/net/etherboot/pkg-descr
is very wrong.

The files "boot1a.bin" "<device>.zrom" do not even exist!

Instead the following procedure worked for me:

# cd /usr/ports/net/etherboot # make patch # cd work/etherboot-5.2.4/src # gmake bin/<device>.dsk # dd if=bin/<device>.dsk of=/dev/fd0c bs=512 conv=sync

I do not understand why I have to use 'gmake' instead of the normal 'make' at line 4; 'make' ends here with an error: "Makefile", line 6: Could not find arch//Config "Makefile.main", line 212: Could not find arch//Makefile make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

The list for <device> names can be seen by doing:

# ( cd drivers/net ; ls *.c | sed 's/\.c//' )

With etherboot 5.2.4, the list is:
  3c509         eepro         pcnet32
  3c515         eepro100      prism2        smc9000
  3c595         epic100       prism2_pci    sundance
  3c90x         forcedeth     prism2_plx    tg3
  cs89x0        lance         r8169         tlan
  davicom       natsemi       rtl8139       tulip
  depca         ns83820       sis900        via-rhine
  e1000         ns8390        sk_g16        w89c840

Could somebody please fix this?


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