On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 11:36:56AM -0700, Laszlo Antal wrote:

> I am trying to install Apache and PHP and MySQL. I'm having some trouble 
> but I don't want to bug anybody with my questions.
> I remember There was a lot of question about this topic So I would love 
> to browse through them.

There's nearly two years worth of archived postings to this list at:


which you can browse through.  You can guess how to find the archives
for the other FreeBSD lists...  Older messages can be found at:


but it's not such a nice interface.  A good trick with Google is to
search for:

    site:freebsd.org "your topic of interest"

which will find all matching pages on any freebsd.org site -- most of
which are mailing list messages.

On the other hand, see


for a very nice searchable interface to an archive of all of the
FreeBSD mailing lists.



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