Dick Davies wrote:

* Norman Uittenbogaart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [1010 16:10]:

I'm trying to write a backup script for postgres and us a crontab on it.
In the manual it says for pg_dumpall make $HOME/.pgpass so it won't ask for a password.
Now I made the .pgpass in root's homedir (i wanted to use root's crontab) paste the password in it, chmod 400 it ...

Can't you just pgdump from the local socket? And not bother with the password thing at all?

I chose to go with the pg_dump solution command from root's crontab. Cron runs a script once a night with the following commands:
DATE=`/bin/date +%Y%m%d`
/usr/local/bin/vacuumdb -a -F -v -U pgsql > /var/backups/"$DATE"_pg.vac
/usr/local/bin/pg_dump -Fc -U pgsql db_name > /var/backups/"$DATE"_db.bu

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