Hi all,

Trying to install 5.3b7 on the second slice of a Seagate ST380013AS
SATA 80G drive.

Drive was originally partitioned from NT to have an 8G NTFS slice
at the front, with the rest left open for FBSD.

When I boot off a CD (image created from downloaded iso image),
start the install, and go to allocate the freebsd slice, it reports
  155061/16/63  ad4
and says the geometry is invalid

If I go ahead and attempt to partition, I see
Geometry ad4 9729 cylinders/255 heads/63 sectors = 156296385 sectors
  Offset   Size(St)    End      Name  PType  Desc      SubType  Flags
       0         63         62   --    12   unused         0
      63   16386237   16386299  ad4s1   4   NTFS/HPFS/QNX  7
16386300  139915188  156301487   --    12   unused         0

F1 help suggests running tools/pfdisk, for which there appears to be
no documentation, but which appears to be a very old tool applicable
only to disks smaller than 8G and not using LBA.


1.  Is the geometry (155061/16/63) really invalid?
    Given the 1024 cyl limitation, it doesn't look to me like the
    modified geometry (9729/255/63) assumed? by fdisk is any better,
    since both 155061 and 9729 are > 1024.
    In any case, the drive uses LBA, so why is this an issue and
    even being reported?
2.  Do I really want to reset it?  Is that even relevant when LBA
    is being used?
3.  Is pfdisk and geometry even relevant for disks > 8G?

Decided to abort the install until I had this straightened out, but
I'm guessing I should just forge ahead and disregard the geometry

Thanks for any insights,


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