Subhro wrote:

When I boot off a CD (image created from downloaded iso image),
start the install, and go to allocate the freebsd slice, it reports
 155061/16/63  ad4
and says the geometry is invalid

What does the sticker on top of the drive say about its geometry. I would like to explicitly instruct fdisk to use the Geometry on the sticker but only if fdisk or anyone else complains during the install.

There is nothing about geometry on the drive itself. The official specs from Seagate say it reports a default logical geometry of 16383/16/63, but that only covers 8G... There is no other mention of geometry in the specs; it simply says that using LBA the sectors are addressed 0...n-1

If I go ahead and attempt to partition, I see
Geometry ad4 9729 cylinders/255 heads/63 sectors = 156296385 sectors
 Offset   Size(St)    End      Name  PType  Desc      SubType  Flags
      0         63         62   --    12   unused         0
     63   16386237   16386299  ad4s1   4   NTFS/HPFS/QNX  7
16386300  139915188  156301487   --    12   unused         0

This one is fine. Whats the problem? You can just make up the slice
from the unsed free space starting from offset 16386300.

The only problem is that the geometry was reported as bad by sysinstall, and implied I needed to change it. Yet the partition step appears to have changed it already, or is assuming it will be changed. I don't understand what the situation is: sysinstall reported geometry as 155061/16/63 and said it was bad then partitioning assumes it will be 9729/255/63 Do I actually have to run pfdisk to change it from 155061/16/63 to 9729/255/63?

One more question:

The installation notes say the root partition must be below cylinder
1024.  If I want a largish (8G) partition for windows, how do I
accomplish this?  Do I have to make 4 partitions, a small one for
booting windows, a small one for freebsd's root, and then a larger
one for the rest of windows and another larger one for the rest of
     cyl    partition    use
    1- 511      1        windows boot
  512-1023      2        freebsd /
 1024-1500      3        windows additional stuff
 1501-9729      4        freebsd filesystems other than /


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