I'd like to set an IPv6 address to the ethernet interface from a user process,
but I don't understand which system call may be used. For getting information
about interfaces and addresses there are some methods: ioctl (with SIOCGIFCONF),
sysctl (witch NET_RT_IFLIST), AF_ROUTE socket, getifaddrs(). I've tried ioctl()
and sysctl() for this purpose. For setting an IPv4 addreess to the interface there is
ioctl() with SIOCSIFADDR. How set an IPv6 address? There is SIOCSIFADDR_IN6
for setting address, but it doesen't work as say the comment in in6.c. And there are two
commands SIOCDIFADDR_IN6 and SIOCAIFADDR_IN6, delete/add address
accordingly, but I've got error: Invalid argument. Or I don't know how use them.

My questions:
1) How can I set an IPv6 on the ethernet interface?
2) How can I get IPv6 multicast addresses from each interface?

If anyone knows something about, please, give me an answer or reference to it.

Best regards,
Grigory Klyuchnikov.

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